Why Soft, Organic & Ethically Made Baby Onesies Are A Must

Why you should care

Because what goes IN your baby is just as important as what goes ON your baby\’s skin.


By Latha Rao

We want our babies to wear the softest, cutest, and yes, the safest clothes ever. Well, it’s time your little angel baby laughs with pure joy from wearing a breathable, organic and all-natural fiber onesie — and avoid fabric materials made with non-sustainable cotton and sprayed with fire retardant chemicals! Clothing made with organic cotton is better because they are healthier for sensitive skins and better sustainable organic farming practices help regenerates the soil.

Why Is Organic Cotton Better?

Sensitive Baby Skin. Natural cotton fiber allows the babies skin to breath and organic cotton grown without pesticides applied means the chemicals applied during cotton growing won’t stick around and remain on the spun cotton fabric, which could potentially expose sensitive skin to harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Environment. Organic cotton is grown without harmful fertilizer chemicals and pesticides and the more sustainable farming practice uses less water compared with conventional cotton farming practices. With farming any crop that requires intensive water, conservation of water is important because many cotton growing regions of the world are impacted by water scarcity.

Cotton farmers. Organic cotton is often a fair-trade crop which can ensure better wages and working conditions for farmers, pickers and processors. Non-pesticide use also means workers are not exposed to the chemicals themselves during application.

Better Cotton Clothing for Babies

Little Lentil Clothing, Silver Giveback Medal & Gold Sustainability Medal 

Organic baby clothing that limits environmental impact.  As a member of 1% for the Planet, they give to environmental causes, minimize impact by sourcing organic cotton, use post-consumer and recyclable packaging, buy carbon offsets, and set up a buy-back program for used baby clothes. Whew! Now imagine if other baby clothing brands did the same!

Under the Nile, Platinum Giveback Medal

Under the Nile makes baby clothing, toys, and accessories from cotton grown using organic and bio-dynamic methods in Egypt. The manufacturing plant in Egypt provides fair work, educational support, and jobs for women.

Mini Meep, Silver Giveback Medal

Clothing from Mini Meep are made from domestically grown organic cotton and its onesies include hand painted artwork. Every purchase gives three meals to children in need in Asheville, North Carolina.

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