Best Sustainable Back to School Supplies for Fall 20223

Why Should You Care About Ethical and Sustainable Back-to-School Supplies?

As the school year approaches, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies for a successful and impactful academic experience. Whether you’re navigating hybrid learning or fully embracing distance learning, having the right tools is crucial. We have curated a list of the best ethical and sustainable back-to-school supplies for Fall 2020 to help you make conscious choices that benefit both you and the planet.

Hybrid vs. Distance Learning

Our audience poll revealed that a significant percentage of parents and students are opting for distance learning this semester. This means transforming your home into a classroom, and we want to support you in creating a safe, clean, and sustainable learning environment. Our curated choices are sourced from social good and sustainable brands, ensuring that every purchase makes a positive impact.

College Students:

Online & On-Campus For college students, the fall semester may involve online classes or living on campus. While many colleges plan to begin instruction online, some are opening their dorms. Whether you’re learning remotely or going back to campus, it’s essential to be prepared with protective supplies and gear to maintain your safety and well-being throughout the semester.

Best Back-to-School Supplies Fall 2020 Although this year’s back-to-school shopping may look different, we have selected the best quality supplies to support a healthy, safe, and educational fall semester. Here are our top recommendations for ethical and sustainable back-to-school supplies for Fall 2020:

  1. Face Mask for Every Outfit
  • Flipside Hats: This Oregon-based brand turns waste into fashion, offering diverse face mask prints made from reclaimed fabrics. Elevate your style this semester with a matching hat from their collection.
  • Athleta: Snag a pack of five printed kids-sized masks in various prints and colors. Athleta also donates over 100,000 masks to healthcare professionals and emphasizes sustainability in their materials.
  • Headbands of Hope: With every purchase, this brand donates a headband to a child with cancer. They currently offer three packs of adjustable masks in different printed themes, along with a mask donation to healthcare professionals.
  1. Sanitizing Spray for Hands, Masks & Dorms
  • Molly’s Suds: This non-toxic fabric and hand sanitizing spray is an essential addition to your backpack. Made from earth-derived ingredients and free of harmful chemicals, it ensures safe sanitization of masks. For college students, Molly’s Suds also offers a room sanitizing spray to keep dorms clean and healthy.
  1. A Backpack That Gives Back
  • State Bags: Keep your child’s materials organized and routine intact with cute backpacks from State Bags. For every backpack sold, the company donates to organizations supporting children and families in need.
  • Bixbee: With the mission of “One Here, One There,” Bixbee collaborates with nonprofits worldwide to provide better access to education for children in need. Their fun backpacks will make your kids excited for class, even if it’s at home.
  1. Best Headphones for Distance Learning
  • LSTN: Optimize focus during distance learning with quality-built headphones from LSTN. Their kid’s headphones come in various colors and automatically limit volume output to ensure safe listening. Plus, every purchase supports individuals with hearing challenges.
  1. Fun, Sustainable Desk Calendar, Planner, Notebooks, etc.
  • Yoobi: This company donates school supplies to students, teachers, and schools with every purchase. Their range includes notebooks, pens, pencils, art supplies, and more, all available in fun prints for boys and girls.
  • Paper Source: With a commitment to sustainability, Paper Source partners with responsible forestry mills, recycles scrap paper, and uses sustainable shipment options and packaging materials