Brilliant Giveback Jewelry For Your Loved One Or Just You

Why you should care

Jewelry is beautiful, but often, the way it was created can be ugly.


by Kate Houser

Jewelry is one of our absolute favorite forms of self-expression. It’s timeless, classic and can tell a story we can’t express easily with words. Whether it’s a bracelet you and your best friend have from your trip to Mexico, a watch from your great-grandfather or a pair of 10-year anniversary earrings from your lover, every piece has a story.

Now, imagine if that story was something even MORE impactful than it already is? Like, a necklace that provides a week of computer classes to a woman in Columbia. Or a bracelet that gives back to suicide survivors? Giving your loved one a piece of jewelry that means something to you AND helps someone in need sounds like the most perfect gift to us! To help you narrow down your choices we’ve rounded up some of our favorite give back jewelry brands below so you can start telling your story and give someone else the chance to start theirs. 

Shop from sustainable and ethical brands who help provide jobs to the homeless, save women from human trafficking or help fund adoptions, now THAT’s just as beautiful as that gold chain around your neck girl!

Better Give Back Jewelry

Purpose Jewelry Silver Give Back Medal 

We absolutely love the chic, dainty, gold jewels Purpose Jewelry has to offer. Even more, we love their commitment to giving women and girls a chance to escape human trafficking. Every piece you purchase from Purpose is handcrafted, packaged and shipped by a human trafficking survivor and through their non-profit, International Sanctuary, helps provide income, education and healthcare to the community. 

Betty Belts Platinum Give Back Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal

Achieving both Hey Social Good Give Back AND Sustainability medals, Betty Belts is one of our favorites for jewelry, the environment and helping others! They have an impressive collection of all types of jewelry made from beautifully sourced sea glass, so they make perfect gift for the ocean lover in your life. Betty Belts is a part of 1% For The Planet and gives back to a wide range of causes from the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association to the East Bali Poverty Project

The Giving Keys Bronze Give Back Medal

With words printed on their necklaces like BRAVE, DREAM and CREATE, The Giving Keys are here to give you jewelry that inspires but their giving does not end there. Since their launch in 2008, The Giving Keys has provided jobs to over 130 homeless people truly giving them the keys to success and a brighter future. 

Noonday Collection Gold Give Back Medal

After meeting skilled jewelry artisans, Jalia and Daniel in Uganda, founder, Jessica Honegger knew she wanted to help give other artisans around the world living in poverty a chance at a better life. Her give back does not stop there. Noonday first took off after a fundraiser to raise money for the adoption of her now, son, from Rwanda, and Noonday continues to give 10% of sales at Adoption Trunk Shows to help other families bring their adoptive children home.

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