Surprising Yoga, Swimwear & Cleaning Brands Made in the USA

Why you should care?After a long few months of quarantine, American businesses are opening back up. Let’s do our part – support our businesses and our workers. Let\’s keep the doors open, with masks, of course!

by Kate Houser

Put those quarantine puzzles away (unless you’re like me and never actually opened up the box) and get ready to shop! Businesses in America are slowly starting to reopen their doors and we\’re ready to support brands made in the USA! We know the importance of sheltering in place and hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy from Covid-19 these last few months. In honor of America reopening businesses, we’re celebrating too! We’re highlighting our favorite MADE IN THE USA social good brands so you can shop and support our homegrown brands. 

According to the Consumer Report, “8 out of 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one\”. The report also stated that \”60% said they’re even willing to pay 10% more for it”. Why the demand for USA manufactured products? Here’s just a few reasons:


Whether you’re a construction company contracted to build a new facility, a seamstress looking for work at an apparel brand or a logistics company looking to move products, the more businesses choose to stay within the US to manufacture and produce their products, the more jobs are created and available to Americans in multiple industries.

More Jobs = More Money = A Healthier Economy (ahh, if my college economy professor could see me now!)

Child Labor Laws

In the United States, we have the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to protect the requirements and rights of workers under the age of 18. The International Labor Rights Forum reported that “about 14 million children produce goods in sweatshops, or more dangerous informal home-based and small-scale manufacturing operations {outside of the US}.\” Clothing from many countries, including Bangladesh, China, India, the Philippines and Vietnam, have all been linked to child labor issues. When we purchase from a USA manufacturer, we decrease the chances a toy, bought for your child, wasn’t actually made by a child.

Climate Benefits

Think about how far all of the fast fashion clothes in your wardrobe had to travel before they ended up in your closet. That’s quite a few million and millions of miles of shipping or flying to bring your clothes from China or India. Fossil fuels from shipping or flying contribute to increased carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere. Consider purchasing items manufactured in the US to decrease the distance an item has to travel to end up in your home.

Social Good Brands Made in the USA

Now that you’ve read about some of the immediate benefits of shopping from American manufactured brands, check out our fave social good brands and get ready to support the reopening of America with these brands made in the USA!

By the Sea Swimwear – Silver Giveback Medal

We LOVE this local SoCal eco-friendly swim brand for their commitment to manufacturing in the USA. They create jobs for Americans, provide fair wages and don’t contribute to bad child labor practices. This Cardiff-by-the-Sea based brand shares their love for the ocean by using recycled fishing nets to create their super cute suits. And, you gotta look into their children’s line that gives back to children in need!

Molly\’s Suds – Gold Giveback Medal 

Made in sunny Florida, Molly’s Suds ensures ingredient integrity by creating non-toxic laundry detergent and other cleaning products to help combat the growing health issues with allergens and symptoms linked to chemicals and toxins in so many of our conventional laundry detergents and cleaning supplies.

Rewilder – Bronze Sustainability Medal

Made out of an awesome warehouse in Los Angeles, this amazing zero waste company uses upcycled industrial waste such as airbags, brewery beer filters (yea that’s a thing!) and Hollywood Bowl streetbbanners. They creatively turn these once used fabrics into fashion forward totes and backpacks. Check out their newest product, the weekender bag (which is currently giving back 100% of profits to Black Lives Matter)!

Truce Clean – Gold Giveback Medal

Made in Arizona, their pure, essential oil based cleaning powder works and smells wonderfully. None of the bad stuff, and all in a bottle without the unnecessary liquids so bottles can be transported using less fuel. All you do is add water!

Yoga Democracy – Bronze Giveback Medal

With prints such as cactus, mountains and sunrises, this yoga brand’s leggings match the landscape of the beautiful state of Arizona, where they’re manufactured. From fishing nets and post-consumer plastic bottles, to beautifully printed yoga sets, this is one of our favorite recycled yoga brands. 

Bluer Denim – Although this brand is “Currently Being Assessed”, we already love what they are about and just had to share.

Perfect for you fellas, Bluer Denim, designed in Portland, Oregon and manufactured in Los Angeles, offers classic denim options made from the last batches of American-made selvedge denim from the Cone Mills White Oak plant. Before ordering, be sure to check out their Denim Rescue program that allows you to trade in an old pair of jeans for a $10 credit towards your order, some of which are then donated to local shelters. Yes Zero Waste!

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