The Ultimate Sustainable Clothing Brands You Need in Your Closet Now

Why you should care

Because 85% of the items hanging in our closets will end up in a land fill and eventually in our oceans.

by Kate Houser

If you’ve been thinking about joining the #vanlife movement sometime soon, or maybe you just moved in with your girlfriend and she took over 90% of the closet space (guilty), whatever it is, there will be times in life where having less is best (or required in the van situation). Having less in your closet is also one of the easiest ways to live a more sustainable life and be more conscious of your clothing consumption. 

Fortunately, there’s only a few items you really need in your closet (or van) no matter the occasion. Minimize your wardrobe and your carbon footprint (those excessive carbon emissions) by making more sustainable clothing choices. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up our top picks for your closet staples, all from sustainable or giveback companies!

Better (And Ethical) Closet Clothing

Comfy Sweat Set from Alternative Apparel

Bronze Giveback Medal & Rising Star for our Sustainability Medal

Alternative Apparel is our go-to for all things cozy with an awesome selection of men’s and women’s joggers, tees, hoodies, and more. Grab you’re new favorite sweat set here. They’re also a part of the Fashion Revolution so you will know #whomadeyourclothes and that it was made in an ethical way.

Little Black Dress from Reformation, Platinum Sustainability Medal

Whether you like mini’s or midi’s, sleeveless or long sleeve, Reformation has some of the chicest, timeless, most comfortable dresses. They also happen to be one of our Platinum rated companies in Sustainability! Each dress you purchase will show you the amount of waste, water and CO2 Emissions you saved with your purchase. 

Basic White Tee from Groceries Apparel, Silver Giveback Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal 

Dress it up, dress it down, a basic white tee is a closet must! Check out the variety of options from Groceries Apparel, one of our favorite social good companies ranking in both our Give Back and Sustainability model. We especially love their Seed to Skin mission to ensure they are involved in every stage of the fabric you put on your body.

Belt from Mission Belts, Silver Giveback Medal 

Change the world, one belt at a time with Mission Belts. With a mission to change the world through providing micro-loans to small business owners through the Kiva organization, you can help build your give back closet and $1 of your purchase will go towards one of these loans. 

Jacket from King of Indigo, Silver Giveback Medal & Silver Sustainability Medal

We’re actually obsessed with the options from Kings of Indigo. Invest in a jacket you love as much as we love them! Puffers, denims or button up’s made from organic cotton, hemp or recycled polyester, they’ve truly got something for everyone! 

Pair of Denim Jeans – This one’s a given. Jeans are timeless and will probably always be a wardrobe staple. They also happen to be items we usually have multiple pairs of, but did you know it takes 1,500-2,500 gallons of water to produce ONE pair of jeans? We suggest investing in one, classic sustainable pair that will last you longer and decrease your water consumption. Check out our article on sustainable denim from our fave brands.

A Hat (for the occasional bad hair day) from Flipside Hats

Bronze Giveback Medal

Check out Flipside Hats for comfy hats with cool designs made from recycled materials. Even better, they make it a priority to give back to local families in California and Oregon by giving a portion of their sales back to the community. 

Lingerie from Between the Sheets, Silver Giveback Medal & Bronze Sustainability Medal

You never know when you’re going to need a cute lingerie set, even if it’s just to slip into after a bath with a glass of wine and your favorite book, We love looking good and feelin’ good in our own skin! Between the Sheets has all of your lingerie and undergarment needs and what’s even better is that they have managed to score in BOTH our Hey Social Good Give Back and Sustainability medals! 

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