Top 6 Water Organizations You Must Know

Why you should care

When you support a water non-profit, you get more than just clean water. You get more fish, more health education, and a healthier you.


by Cindy J Lin

Thankfully, we are surrounded by many amazing non-profit organizations working hard to defend, bring, and fund clean water, sanitation services, water infrastructure, community health, and monitoring of our precious water resources. Many socially responsible companies directly fund these non-profit organizations, and you can too. Here are six impressive water organizations working to end the water crisis.

Having worked in government, with non-profit organizations and in social commerce, I have personally seen how support of these organizations can make a difference to the water we drink, the oceans we swim in and the drinking water we rely on for our health.

Discover What Our Community Is Doing

  1. — Your local waterkeeper protects each major waterway in US and world by tracking down polluters, help enforce environmental laws, guide better environmental protection policies and defends the rights of every person to have clean water. There are over 300 waterkeepers in 35 countries.
  2. — The world’s largest youth water organization works to bring water education to schools for free and also helps provide access to water in Swaziland.
  3. promotes communities’ awareness through education tools & training, installs water filters and monitors success to provide clean and safe water.
  4. brings safe and clean water by giving small, affordable loans to families and communities in need.
  5. uses 100% of the donated funds to build and maintain water wells for people who lack access to clean and safe water.
  6. is a non-profit organization that highlights simple clean water technology used to provide clean and safe water, such as the Drinkable Book, where the torn pages help filter out bacteria and contaminants.

Dr. Cindy J Lin is the Founder and CEO of Hey Social Good and Hove Social Good Intelligence. Before working in the social commerce space, she achieved her 10 year old dream of working at the US Environmental Protection Agency, where she engaged in international and national water protection projects and sweeping environmental policy changes, including serving as the Water Adviser at the US Embassy in Beijing, China.

This article first appeared in Medium.

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